How do they store when not in use?

The front cab set comes with a sleeve to store them when not in

All the other windows are designed to stay at the top of the
window when not in use, saving you time, effort and precious storage space.

What is the best way to fold them up?

How do I clean the shades?

The easiest way to clean your
new shades is with soapy water and a wet rag. Wipe them down and let them air
dry then you should be good to go.

How long is the warranty?

Do we Ship internationally?

Are they Reversable?

Do our shades help withboth heat and cold?

Where are our shadesproduced?


What type of insulation doyou use?

What is the R-Value of our insulation?

Do you have any covers in stock?

I have a technology box on my windshield,will your cover work?

Where is the reflective surface on yourshades?

Which vans are your window covers designedfor?

Custom Orders?

How do your covers fasten to my windows

What if my van has custom wall paneling that doesn’t leave metal wall exposed?